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Theory of Change

At Ontario Culture Days, our theory of change is built on the legacy of our work on behalf of all Ontarians, and the desire to be responsive to the Ontario Culture Strategy launched in 2016 and the Status of Ontario’s Artists Act from 2007/2009. All of our programming is continually weighed against a theory that promoting open and inclusive access to free arts and cultural programming across the province will help to stimulate and engender the following changes:

1. Increased awareness of the diversity of arts and cultural heritage in Ontario

Raising awareness of the diversity of Ontario’s arts and cultural heritage will help foster healthy and vibrant communities that are lived, created, and expressed by all Ontarians regardless of age, ability, culture, discipline, ethnicity, gender, language, or income; including families, New Canadians, Francophone, Indigenous, and other culturally diverse voices and visible minorities.

2. Strengthened participation in all Ontario communities

Improving the accessibility, participation, and engagement of all Ontarians in the arts and cultural lives of their own communities will entice new and loyal audiences to discover and connect with culture not only as attendees, but as creators, participants, and volunteers.

3. Enhanced skills and capacity of creators and cultural leaders in Ontario

The skills and capacity of aspiring, emerging, and established arts and cultural leaders from across Ontario will be strengthened by the experience of hosting free Culture Days events, and by utilizing a growing roster of free resources and shared learning programming provided by Ontario Culture Days throughout the year.

4. Improved long-term support for arts and culture in all regions of Ontario

Fostering participation and engagement of the public in arts and culture will help increase long-term support not only during Culture Days, but 365 days a year. Supporters and partners hailing from government, the private sector, volunteers, and donors will recognize the value that the arts and culture bring to their regions and will invest their time, energy and funds to put culture at the heart of our communities.