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Vision and Mandate

The vision of Ontario Culture Days is to foster awareness, participation, engagement, and support of a diverse artistic and cultural community that is lived, created and expressed by all Ontarians regardless of age, ability, culture, ethnicity, or discipline. In urban, suburban, and rural areas alike, Ontario Culture Days affirms every citizen as a guardian of the cultural vitality of our communities, and promotes direct interaction between creators and citizens as a means to strengthen understanding and appreciation of the potent legacy of our shared artistic and cultural heritage.

Now in its seventh year, Ontario Culture Days is part of the national Culture Days celebration representing the largest-ever public participation campaign undertaken by the Canadian arts and cultural community. Over three days, the annual Culture Days Weekend features free, hand’s-on community arts activities inviting the public to participate in the behind-the-scenes world of artists, creators, heritage workers, architects, curators, and designers. Through a variety of shared initiatives, Ontario Culture Days is also committed to fostering long-term support for the arts and strengthening the skills and capacity of community-engaged creators and cultural leaders locally and across Ontario. 

2015 Ontario Culture Strategy Consultation Submission

2016 Ontario Culture Strategy Feedback

Ontario Culture Days Equity Policy