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Send us your 2017 Culture Days photos! Help us tell Ontario arts and culture stories.

Files can be uploaded below until October 29, 2017. Use the naming convention of CityName_EventName_PhotographerName_Year.

Selected images will be published in social media, on our website, reports and marketing materials. See below for our Photo policy. If you're experiencing technical difficulties email us at on[at]culturedays[dot]ca.

We can't wait to see what you send us.

OnCD Photo Policy                                                                                                                     

By uploading your files you accordingly give Culture Days and their partners and affiliates, the right to use the image, likeness, and name of The Subject without remuneration. Use is granted for any associated advertisement, publication, promotion, and without limitation, the right to edit, mix, or duplicate and to use in whole or part for broadcast, marketing and distribution for the purpose of promoting Culture Days in the form of print, video, online, DVD, CD-ROM, or other media, now known or later developed, as well as in public relations and press materials, advertisements, and documentation of this event. These rights granted herein are perpetual and worldwide. The Photographer acknowledges they have no interest or ownerships in products (film or photograph(s) in any form whatsoever) from this event or its copyright and that the producers are free of financial commitment or obligations to me with respect to the products. In the event that any materials contain the work of other individuals or organizations, the Photographer understands it is their responsibility to secure any necessary permissions/licenses and to give proper credit as needed.