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                                     Amber Aasman

Musician, painter, jewelry maker and community artist devoted to engaging and empowering vulnerable youth through the co-creation of community murals, in collaboration with Art Forms Youth Art Studio in Hamilton. Her work is inspired by patterns of flow, movement and the dynamics of fluid media. 

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Amber discusses her project in a culture365 post!


About Amber

Her work cites links between the macro/micro phenomena of this world, drawing from satellite photographs of the Earth, placed alongside molecular-level inspired images of living things. Patterns from a zoomed-out perspective are strikingly related to the tiny details of living things. This provokes questions about the world's formation and ongoing vitality.
She is also interested in visual snapshots of turbulence, controlled chaos, and fluid motion. She studies the dance of smoke, and the mix of cream into coffee, as one fluid blends itself into another, with no apparent order.

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder is a handmade jewelry company celebrating wood, the earth, and adventure in the Canadian wild. All products are made by Amber Aasman, the owner and artisan behind this brand. Often using reclaimed materials or found wood on hikes and travels through the forest, all pieces are designed to inspire its wearer with a love for nature, and all the intricacies that lie therein.

Jewelry can be purchased on Wild Blue Yonder's Etsy shop.

Art Forms 


Art Forms is a youth arts organization designed to provide art-making opportunities to youth who are "on the fringe." We believe in the transformative power of the arts, especially for marginalized groups. Our space on James Street North is perfectly poised to attract a wide variety of groups since we are located in the heart of Hamilton’s art district, which also houses a handful of youth services. Art Forms has one staff, a steering committee who provides governance, and several community and program partners who contribute in different ways.

Amber is the Project Coordinator of Art Forms where she coordinates artists, educators, youth and other agencies to provide art-making opportunities for at-risk youth in the city.


Address: 126 James St. North
                Hamilton ON
Phone: 905 978 3676


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